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Casting Cloths

Why would you need a casting cloth? Well you don't, not unless you want to use one. I like to use a casting cloth as it keeps my runes clean, it makes it easier to move the runes around and I think it makes the runes stand out better aiding my work.

There are many things you can use for a casting cloth. Rabbit fur is okay as long the runes are big enought that they don't get lost in the fur. Leather, cloth, anything that you appeals to you is proper to use as a casting cloth.

I wouldn't suggest using a cloth that has a lot of colors in it as that can be distracting. My cloth is purple and has a rose pattern in it. I like the feel of the purple vibration. I feel that the cloth will keep the runes clean and help to keep them from getting scratched up. The cloth should be big enough to put all your runes on and roomy enough to do your spreads on. Again, don't limit yourself and do what feels right.



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